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Ciré is a small waxed-canvas business established in the North East of England.

All the waxed canvas is prepared by me, Alison, in my home studio.


The fabric is dyed by hand, printed by hand, waxed by hand.

I strive to be as sustainable as possible and only use organic/fairtrade cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax and natural dyes.

No chemicals are used to make the bags and they are posted to you plastic-free in recycled materials .

I only use natural dyes, mainly avocado skins, onion skins, tea and turmeric to get soft earthy colours. 


My long love of textiles comes from my art conservation background where we use a lot of similar materials such as heavy canvas, wax and pigments.

I grew up in the Southern Alps and my love of the outdoors inevitably led me to create tough, utilitarian and durable products.