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Bags of Possibilities

I say wash bag ... you say art pouch, sewing bag...

During one of my first markets I was asked "but what is this bag for?", which really baffled me! I thought people would know precisely what they needed a bag for but actually it turns out people needed a reason why to buy one of my bags!

A very interesting thought which led me to label some of my general-use bags as "wash bags". A wash bag is designed to hold your toiletry essentials and as waxed canvas is water repellent, it was the perfect match. I have since had many funny conversations at markets with people about how they barely owned any toiletries / cosmetics and so were looking for a very small bag, and others had so many they had to buy two of my largest bags, (yes, men too!).

These "wash bags" remain the most popular bags I sell, I think partly because they are light weight, fold-able and water repellent and as such are very good travel companions, but also because the simpleness of the designs and material used make them timeless and versatile objects.

With that in mind, I am very happy to reveal the new addition to the wash bag collection, a smaller size bag measuring 23 cm wide, 13 cm tall and with a base of 6cm ... which will overjoy all you minimalists out there!

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