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The Cyanotype Project

I have been working with the photographer Matt Hall to produce this seaweed cyanotype collection. Matt is a photographer living in Whitley Bay that has just started experimenting with the cyanotype process and we thought it would be interesting trying the process on fabric and to wax it. The seaweed has been collected on our local beach in Whitley Bay and pressed in order to use it. Cyanotype is a very old photograhpic process that emerged in the mid 19th century. It was first used as a method to copy documents and diagrams as in "blue prints". Anna Atkins was the first person to use it in more artistic way and made some books with botanical illustrations using this process.

For this collection we have created a very small series of seven bags (four small and three medium ones) depicting different varieties of seaweeds found locally. The shades of blue all vary to reveal a vast spectrum ranging from nearly black to sky blue.

This is a very small collection with only seven pieces available, have a look!

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