The Full Moon Pouches.
This is part of a very small run of pouches with full moon designs.

"A story of Spring Tides and crashing waves, opening leaves and swarming bees.Overseen by the gentle all-seeing eye of the moon in the quiet darkness.Feel the wind on your face, the deposited salt on your lips, and the rugged texture or rust under your hands."


This pouch has a full moon design on the front and back obtained by clamping the cotton before dyeing.

Rust (iron) reacts with the tannins in the tea to create shades of grey and even black.



- Thick twill cotton dyed naturally

- Metal ykk zip

- Waxed cord on the zip puller

- Fully lined with cream cotton inside

- Long cotton webbing tab on the side



23 cm x 15 cm

Moon pouch